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Teachers and humans I owe everything 

I studied ballet with Paola Sorressa from 1996 to 2000. She gave me the the discipline, the attitude, the posture and the desire for perfection. 


I entered the world of oriental dances with Martina Azadi in 2006. She instilled in me the passion, the magic, and tought me the ethics of this job. She was one of the best human beings I'd ever known. 


I did most of my Fusion Bellydance studies with Valenteena Ianni. She gave me the biggest part of what I'm today as a teacher and choreographer. I've been in her company Armonica for more then ten years and I've been her assistant in teaching. She inspires me with her dedication and her creativity.  

I studied with Perla Elias Nemer from 2013 to 2017, attending her Folklore & Sharqi training and the Training the New Awalim; and I found a real treasure in her teachings. She is one of my absolute favorite artists and teachers. Her culture and her style are the most refined.

I certified with Kami Liddle in Switzerland, in 2018, attending the first level of her format: Krysalis - Invocation. That experience brought more consciousness in my artistic path and opened my technique to a different kind of fusion, including contemporary dance. 

I dedicated a significant part of my studies to the history of Oriental dance during the pandemic, taking classes with Maria Aya. I obtained her International Knowledge certificate Oriental Map lev. 4. It was like entering an encyclopedia! I loved her lessons so much. 

In 2020/2021 I also grabbed the opportunity to study with Nesma Al Andalus through her online academy. She is so inspiring and elegant and her experience with Mahmoud Reda is a precious source from which to draw. I deeply love Reda style! 

I did my sport training about Oriental Dance with Maryem Bent Anis and Simona Minisini and I gained two teaching certificates from MIDAS and ASC and this brought me closer to the world of competitions also. Dance as a sport can be very healty for both mind and body!

In 2021 Serena Boselli invited me to join her panel of judges for MSP and I'm having a great experience in this area.  I love watching the love and the effort so many dancers put into their dance. 

In 2022 I certified with the one and only Zoe Jakes. I attended the first level of her format: the Dance Craft Key of Diamond. She's an amazing teacher and one of the most inspiring artist in the world. It was an honor to study with her. 

My teaching career started in 2010, when I became a teaching assistant for the first time, for Martina Azadi. 

From that time I buildt my teaching method treasuring all of my experiences. 

I started teaching in small gyms and now I work in one of the most prestigious schools of the area. Fun fact: it's where baby-me studied ballet! 


I had few students when I started...and now my community counts dozens of beautiful, passionate women. I feel grateful!  

In 2021 I founded a fusion bellydance group called Raqs Nouveau with whom I had the pleasure to dance on amazing stages and made interesting artistic collaborations. 

Now I'm a teacher trainer for two italian sport entities: Libertas and AICS. I feel blessed for having this role! It's a job of great responsability.

During these years, I danced in more then 40 shows and studied with more than 50 teachers. It's a long, rich path! 

But, in my opinion, we never stop learning and the yet to come :) 

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